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More About Jewish Art Prints

As well as Jewish Art commissions, Derryn has produced 2 diverse ranges of Jewish Art Prints. These artworks define different periods in her career. The first series was a commission for a Yeshiva calendar, during a stage when Derryn was illustrating children’s books, and her intricate collage artwork had a wonderful naivety. Due to a huge amount of queries, and people cutting up the calendar to frame the images, Derryn produced her first range of prints. Many years later, Derryn was reinspired to create more Jewish art. This burst of passion led her to produce a vibrant, spontaneous, contemporary series of works. “I would never have imagined the appeal these works have had, not only to Australian Jews, but overseas, and more amazingly, Non-Jewish people. I was not aware of the Christian groups who feel so strongly towards the Jewish faith and the existence of Israel, and now actually have my Jewish work hanging in their homes. It is the most wonderful feeling to know that I have reached the hearts of so many people through my art.” These works have also been used for a Yeshiva calendar, a CD cover, a book ‘Understanding Judaism’ produced be the Jewish Board of Deputies, and a variety of other applications.


Jewish Prints Image Size:


Collage Prints Image Size– 285mm x 230mm

Contemporary Prints Image Size: 275mm x 250mm

Custom sizes available